Crane Alignment

As wheel alignment specialists, the Complete Alignments team is confident in their capabilities to align a wide variety of vehicles, including crane wheel alignments. Due to the heavy-duty work that cranes constantly perform, Complete Alignments recommend a regular crane wheel alignment.

Complete Alignments strives to offer an optimum level of care to customer vehicles, to ensure customer satisfaction and results from every service. The Complete Alignments team performs a rigorous vehicle inspection on all suspension and steering components before every crane wheel alignment. A comprehensive crane inspection is of high importance, as the customer is notified of any components that require replacement or attention, giving the customer peace of mind while driving and operating.

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Crane Wheel Alignments

You might notice that while driving, you are constantly correcting your steering, because the vehicle has a tendency to pull one way or the other. If you are experiencing irregular steering, or you have noticed unusual tyre wear, Complete Alignments recommends that you immediately book an inspection and crane wheel alignment.

Crane Alignments

Complete Alignments are capable of completing a variety of alignment adjustments on your crane, including:

  • Toe adjustments
  • Rear alignment checks
  • Tracking adjustments
  • Phasing of steering components
  • Adjusting parallelism between all steerable axles
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Diff centralisation
  • Driveline angles

A professional crane wheel alignment is
highly recommended

We use the latest Truck Cam wheel alignment system to complete specialised crane wheel alignment services. TruckCam is an innovative, accurate and reliable wheel alignment system, which ensures that the customer is provided with the highest quality crane alignment. This implements peace of mind for the customer on the quality of their suspension and wheel alignment specifications, allowing customer vehicles to stay on the road for longer, performing at optimum efficiency.