Trailer Wheel Alignment

Complete Alignments specializes in trailer wheel alignments on trailers of all sizes and applications. You may have wondered, “Where can I find a reliable and affordable trailer wheel alignment near me?” Complete Alignments is conveniently located in Regency Park, at a 20-minute drive from the CBD. Our highly regarded and dedicated mechanics perform a thorough comprehensive vehicle inspection before aligning, ensuring all suspension, braking and axle tracking components are functioning correctly.


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Complete Alignments offers a wide variation of services to ensure your safety on the road and the efficiency of your trailer

With the goal of maximizing handling and cost reduction for maintenance of the suspension components on your trailer. Some of these services include:

  • Cold bend camber corrections
  • Heat induction camber corrections
  • Heat induction toe corrections
  • Axle tracking adjustments
  • Trailer height adjustments
  • Chassis checks for straightness
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspections
  • Accident damaged trailer repairs

A professional trailer wheel alignment is highly recommended

Complete Alignments specialize in using a TruckCam wheel alignment system to manage all camber, toe, and tracking adjustments, to provide a thorough and top of the line trailer tyre alignment. A professional trailer wheel alignment is highly recommended by the Complete Alignments team, as the alignment specifications and settings are pivotal on the handling of the vehicle that is towing the trailer. You may notice your trailer drifting off to one side of the road, tires wearing prematurely or that your trailer is swinging from one side of the road to the other. These are all indications that you require a trailer wheel alignment, as any of these symptoms could pose several potential hazards while driving on the road.