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Truck Wheel Alignment

At Complete Alignments, we have a high confidence of our expertise and experience when it comes to any truck wheel alignment and can guarantee a satisfactory result to our customers. You may have thought to yourself “Where can I get a reliable and affordable truck alignment near me?” Complete Alignments is conveniently located in Regency Park, at a 20-minute drive from the CBD. We understand the unique conditions that these vehicles experience, and what to look out for to prevent mishaps on the road. Unlike cars, trucks are expected to travel for long periods of time, both on highways and through cities.

There are multiple moving parts to maintain, not to mention higher stakes if something were to go wrong. With thousands of kilograms of weight behind you, it is important to consider the consequences of a poor maintenance schedule, and a heavy vehicle wheel alignment can make all the difference. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, such as premature tyre wear, problems handling and steering or vibrations, the Complete Alignments team recommends at least a full vehicle inspection and a truck front-end alignment.

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A wheel alignment is important for the safe operation of any vehicle, but even more so for trucks.

Misalignment by a small amount can have huge repercussions for your handling capability and comfortability on the road. At Complete Alignments, our dedicated mechanics perform a thorough vehicle inspection prior to your truck wheel alignment. This ensures that all suspension and steering components are working correctly, preventing variations in wheel alignment readings, and notifying the customer if there are any components that require replacement or attention, giving the customer peace of mind while driving on the road.

The Complete Alignments team offers a Full list of exceptional truck alignment services including:

  • Camber adjustments
  • Caster adjustments
  • Toe adjustments
  • Shimming control arms
  • Rear wheel alignment checks
  • Tracking adjustments
  • In vehicle axle corrections
  • Out of vehicle axle corrections
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Diff centralisation
  • Drive line angles
  • On wheel balancing
  • Accident damage repairs and crack testing

Complete Alignments

Is dedicated in ensuring you receive the best service and value at a competitive price. We believe that the customer deserves communication and transparency with the maintenance of their vehicle. The Complete Alignments staff excels at providing advice and are more than willing to help in achieving optimum performance from your truck.