Bus Wheel Alignment

The Complete Alignments team takes pride in their capabilities to cover a wide variety of vehicle alignments. Using our Truck Cam wheel alignment system, we can cater for even the biggest of jobs, including bus wheel alignments. You may have thought to yourself, “Where can I find a reliable and affordable bus alignment near me?” Complete Alignments is conveniently located in Regency Park, only a 20-minute drive from the CBD.

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Complete Alignments provides a full variety of bus wheel alignment services, including:

  • Camber adjustments
  • Caster adjustments
  • Toe adjustments
  • In vehicle axle corrections
  • Out of vehicle axle corrections
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Shimming of control arms
  • Phasing of steering components
  • On vehicle wheel balancing
  • Rear wheel alignment check
  • Tracking adjustments
  • Diff centralisation
  • Driveline angles

Complete Alignments recommends a
regular bus wheel alignment.

Driving a bus is different to driving a car in many ways, one of which is that the safety of a larger number of people is in your hands. Due to the importance of maintenance that is required on these vehicles, Complete Alignments recommends a regular bus wheel alignment. We work with multiple businesses to ensure that their entire fleet is maintained responsibly. This includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection before every bus wheel alignment, ensuring that all suspension and steering components are working correctly, preventing variations in wheel alignment readings and notifying the customer if there are any components that require replacement or attention, giving the customer peace of mind while driving on the road.

Complete Alignments

Complete Alignments prioritises communication and transparency with every customer in relation to servicing and maintenance. We believe the customer deserves comfortability and peace of mind while driving on the road, which ensures that the Complete Alignments team is dedicated to giving the customer the best quality bus wheel alignment. Whether you would like to inquire about receiving our accident damage repairs or crack testing service, or would just like to schedule your next regular check-up, Complete Alignments can be of assistance to assure your safety on the road.