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Your car suspension specialist in Adelaide

When your car suspension is in perfect working order, drivers don’t even notice it. It is only when things start to go wrong that we start to understand how much we rely on this aspect of driving. Car suspension is actually very complex, and there are so many individual parts which have to work together to keep your vehicle in contact with the road at all times. The good news is that the team at Complete Alignments are industry experts. We will be able to diagnose and resolve even the most tricky suspension problem to make your car safer and more pleasant to drive.

A professional approach to resolving car suspension problems

The first step to a safer and smoother ride is our customers recognising that something is not right. It may be that they’ve felt their car lurch forward upon braking, or tip sideways when they turn. Coming to visit the Complete Alignments team for all problems with car suspension in Adelaide is the right choice. We will then chat to you about what you’ve noticed, asking you a series of questions which will help us to get to the root of the problem. We’ll also conduct a test drive so that we can fully understand the issues that you have identified. From there, we will explain the complete situation and any repairs or replacements that we carry out, because a big part of our role is in educating our customers on how to minimise their risk of danger or future damage on the road.

A comprehensive car wheel alignment service

A wheel alignment is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of steering and suspension angles, with the goal being to make sure that the wheels are both perpendicular to the ground, and parallel to each other. This means that there is maximum tyre contact with the road without your tyres wobbling or wearing unevenly. Complete Alignments delivers camber, caster and toe adjustments, shimming of control arms, diff housing corrections, rear wheel alignment check and adjustment of tracking, and diff centralisation and drive line angles. You can talk to us about camber and caster kits, torsion bar height adjustments, and fitment of offset bushes and camber bolts.

Introducing the Ravaglioli car wheel alignment system

Complete Alignments chooses to utilise Ravaglioli alignment systems. These machines are some of the most innovative, accurate and reliable devices on the market, and by using them, we’re giving our customers a top of the line service as standard. Today’s vehicles demand a highly accurate alignment, only possible with state of the art equipment. Our recommendation is to get a wheel alignment at least every 40,000km. Your standard service is also a good time to have your vehicle’s alignment checked, and you will also want to schedule an appointment if you hit the kerb, are involved in an accident, no matter how minor, when your steering or suspension is replaced or repaired, or if you notice any specific handling issues.

A matter of control

To diagnose issues with car suspension in Adelaide, we consider two key factors: ride and handling. Ride refers to how smooth or bumpy your car is on an average road. A bumpy ride means that your suspension is not performing well, and that there are times when your tyres are not in contact with the road, giving you less control as the driver. Handling refers to your ability to safely accelerate, brake, and turn corners. Any issues here, such as leaning to one side or nosediving, suggest that we will need to take a look at the parts which deal with maintaining a centre of gravity. Any sign that your car isn’t quite right, like strange noises or a stiff, grinding sensation, are immediate reasons to get in touch with us and assess your vehicle.

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