Caravan Repairs Adelaide

The first choice in caravan repairs in Adelaide

Complete Alignments offers caravan repairs Adelaide across all makes of caravan and motor home. Our team, led by owner and operator John Bartlett, is passionate about providing outstanding customer service to our clients throughout South Australia. Coupling hands on experience and up to date industry knowledge, we are able to deliver a superior maintenance or repairs service for your caravan. Whether you’ve come back from vacation and endured some damage, or it’s a matter of needing on-site caravan repairs in Adelaide, Complete Alignments can lend a hand.

Taking care of your beloved caravans in Adelaide

At Complete Alignments, we appreciate that a caravan is so much more than just a vehicle. Caravans are our homes away from home and accompany us to all the corners of Australia for family holidays, weekend getaways, and those never-ending retirement trips. Reaching some of Australia’s most beautiful caravanning destinations, across our desserts to our beaches and rain forests, can begin to take its toll on your caravan. Our team understands the terrains, strains and unique obstacles that your caravan faces, and will be able to repair any damage. Not only that, we’ll be able to offer you some expert advice to minimise your need to visit us again in the near future.

Minimising the risk to your treasured possessions

Damage to a caravan caused by accident can be devastating. Not only might it put a dampener on your holiday or cause problems getting home, it can also have the potential to cause damage to the precious possessions contained within the vehicle. We can also repair or replace seals which can be susceptible to general wear over time, and increased deterioration in dusty or wet conditions. Chat to us about how you can complete a few simple cleaning and maintenance procedures to prolong the lifespan of your caravan.

Caravan wheel alignment service

When was the last time you had a caravan wheel alignment?

Considering the nature of how most of us use our caravans, it’s no wonder that we forget to book in a service. Between trips, they often lie dormant in sheds or garages, gathering dust and hiding any number of potential maintenance problems. Just because you only use your caravan several times per year doesn’t mean that it should receive any less consideration and care. In fact, taking it out for long trips only occasion ally is even more reason to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Caravans are towed across some bumpy terrains, including cross-country and outback, and so a caravan wheel alignment is often the answer. Wheel misalignment in a caravan can impact how effectively your car can control it on the road. Caravans are already somewhat of a hazard, in that they require increased skill to safety tow on the road. If the wheels are out of alignment, you could notice that the caravan swings from side to side, or has a tendency to lean one way or the other, and could risk sideswiping other vehicles. Using our Truck Cam wheel alignment system, we can service axle corrections for toe and camber, tracking of axles, adjustments to independent suspensions, fitment of offset bushes, and also carry out comprehensive safety inspections for your peace of mind.

Caravan suspension specialist

Take care with caravan suspension

At Complete Alignments, our team can cater to all of your caravan suspension needs. As well as a list of suspension services, we have a fully stocked workshop for timely replacement of any suspension parts required, ensuring you can get back on the road and start enjoying your next trip. Similar to trailer repairs, we can offer rebushing, spring repairs, centre bolt, hanger and shocker replacement, repairs to independent suspension, as well as brake and accident damage repairs, as well as full safety inspections.

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