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When was the last time you had a caravan wheel alignment?

Considering the nature of how most of us use our caravans, it’s no wonder that we forget to book in a service. Between trips, they often lie dormant in sheds or garages, gathering dust and hiding any number of potential maintenance problems. Only using it a handful of times per year does not mean that it should receive any less consideration and care. In fact, taking it out for long trips only occasionally is even more reason to ensure that everything is properly maintained and functioning as it should be.

Caravans are towed across some harsh terrains, including cross-country and outback, and so a caravan wheel alignment is often recommended to ensure safety and peace of mind. Wheel misalignment in a caravan can impact how effectively your car can control it on the road.

Wheel alignments for caravans are particularly important, as caravans are already somewhat of a hazard, in that they require increased skill to safely tow on the road. If the wheels are out of alignment, you could notice that the caravan swings from side to side or has a tendency to lean one way or the other and could present a hazard to yourself and other vehicles.

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Complete Alignments

As wheel alignment specialists, Complete Alignments take pride in our capabilities and knowledge to complete work on various makes and model of caravans, including:

  • Jayco caravan alignments
  • Camper trailer alignments
  • Dual axle caravan wheel alignments
  • Island star caravans
  • Traveller caravans
  • Avan caravans

Caravan Wheel Alignments

Using our TruckCam wheel alignment system, we are able to provide a top of the line caravan wheel alignment service to our customers. Caravan services include:

  • Axle corrections for toe and camber
  • Tracking of axles
  • Adjustments to independent suspensions
  • Fitment of offset bushes
  • Carry out comprehensive safety inspections

With extensive knowledge and an unparalleled quality of maintenance on your caravan, Complete Alignments can assure your safety while towing with regular caravan wheel alignments.