Light Commercial
Wheel Alignments

As wheel alignment specialists, the Complete Alignments team has extensive knowledge across all aspects of wheel aligning; this includes commercial and light truck wheel alignment. Our customers stand to benefit in two key areas from a regular wheel alignment: safety and reduced costs. As a commercial driver or operator, safety extends to protecting not only yourself and other road users, but also the property and cargo of your employer.

Complete Alignments utilises a Ravaglioli wheel alignment system for all light vehicle wheel alignments. These machines are innovative, accurate, and reliable, which ensure the highest quality light truck wheel alignment is provided to our customers. The Complete Alignments team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the optimum safety and efficiency out of your vehicle, and with regular light vehicle wheel alignments, we can guarantee satisfaction and results.

Complete Alignments is able to offer a broad range of light truck wheel alignment services. If you experience handling or vehicle control issues, or are simply due for your regular alignment service, then our expert team will perform a thorough diagnostic assessment to determine how to solve your issue quickly and efficiently.

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Complete alignments

The Complete Alignments team takes pride in our knowledge and capabilities of light truck and commercial wheel alignments and with that comes a variety of different services we can provide. These services include:

  • Camber adjustments
  • Caster adjustments
  • Toe adjustments
  • In-vehicle axle controls
  • Shimming of control arms
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Rear wheel alignment checks
  • Adjustment of tracking
  • Diff centralization
  • Driveline angles
  • Torsion bar height adjustments

Commercial Vehicle Alignments

You may have thought to yourself, “Where can I find a reliable and affordable van wheel alignment near me?” Complete Alignments is conveniently located in Regency Park, only a 20-minute drive from the CBD. At Complete Alignments, we can ensure a thorough level of care and attention to detail on your van wheel alignment. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, therefore ensuring customer satisfaction, and from this we prioritise communication and transparency with the customer.

A professional light commercial wheel alignment is
highly recommended

The Complete Alignments team is capable of completing work on a variety of makes and models of commercial vehicle alignments, as well as many recreational vehicles, such as motorhomes and RVs. Using our Ravaglioli alignment system, we are able to make several adjustments on all types of vehicles. A few examples to represent the variety of light vehicle alignments that Complete Alignments excel at are:

  • Van wheel alignments
  • RV wheel alignments
  • Motorhome wheel alignments
  • Sprinter wheel alignments
  • Hino wheel alignments
  • Isuzu wheel alignments
  • Fuso wheel alignments

Complete Alignments is dedicated to customer service and will ensure that we are able to offer information on any issues with your vehicle, how it impacts your vehicle, and what we are capable of doing to rectify it. The Complete Alignments team is always available and ready to give advice on preventative measures and diagnostics of issues. This gives the customer a better understanding of what the issue was, as well as allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the solution.