Light Vehicle Alignments

As wheel alignment specialists, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, convenient, and affordable car and 4×4 wheel alignment. You may have thought to yourself “Where can I find a reliable and affordable car alignment near me?” Complete Alignments is conveniently located in Regency Park, 20-minute drive from the CBD. We offer an affordable, yet distinguished service. Complete Alignments chooses to use Ravaglioli car alignment systems. These machines are innovative, accurate, and reliable, which ensure the highest quality car wheel alignment is provided to our customers.

A car wheel alignment is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of steering and suspension angles, with the goal being to make sure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground, and parallel to each other. This means that there is maximum tyre contact with the road to prevent tyres wearing unevenly and prematurely.

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Complete Alignments

offer a variety of car alignment services, including:

  • Camber adjustments
  • Caster adjustments
  • Toe adjustments
  • Shimming of control arms
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Rear wheel alignment check
  • Tracking adjustments
  • Diff centralization
  • Drive line angles

Complete Alignments highly recommends a four-wheel drive alignment.

You can talk to us about camber and caster kits, torsion bar height adjustments, and fitment of offset bushes and camber bolts to organise your next car tyre service.

Four-wheel drives are made for taking off-road, but they also need to drive comfortably on city streets for everyday use. That is why four-wheel drive alignment services are so unique – they need to be tailored to the individual and the way in which you use your vehicle. Complete Alignments maintains a low 4WD alignment cost and several other services at a competitive and affordable price, while maintaining excellent standards of work.

If you are driving a four-wheel drive, Complete Alignments highly recommends a four-wheel drive alignment. These vehicles are designed to operate in heavy-duty and harsh conditions and ensuring that you work alongside these intentions will maximise the lifespan of your tyres.

Complete Alignments

Offers a large variety of 4×4 wheel alignment products, including:

  • Fitment of offset bushes
  • Offset ball joints
  • Offset trunnion bearings
  • 4×4 alignment shim kits

We also provide several 4WD alignment services, such as:

  • Front and rear wheel alignment checks
  • Adjustment of tracking
  • Diff housing corrections
  • Diff centralization
  • Driveline angles


Perhaps you have fitted your car with an extra fuel tank for travelling large distances, or you have a heavy-duty hitch for towing a caravan.

All of these added elements can weigh down your vehicle, and you have not even packed it yet for your next big trip. Add on the weight of a caravan and fuel, and you could be doing serious damage if you do not adjust your vehicle components accordingly.

Changes to the suspension of your car, or any modifications or repairs you may have had done, can all impact your four-wheel drive alignment.