Light Vehicle Power Steering Systems

At Complete Alignments, we understand the importance of your power steering system working efficiently and the potential for dangerous hazards if it is not functioning at optimum condition. The performance of your car steering system also relies heavily on the correct use and placement of your tyres. Mixing size or type of tyres on the same axle can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s handling.

As power steering system specialists, we can guarantee customer satisfaction on all your 4×4 and car power steering requirements. Before we perform any provided service you have booked your vehicle in for, we perform a comprehensive light vehicle inspection on all steering and suspension components. This allows us to have a better understanding of the vehicle in its current condition, therefore enabling us to communicate effectively with every customer if there are any components that require replacement, repairs or upgrading.

The Complete Alignments team is highly confident in their abilities to assist you on all your 4×4 and car power steering needs. We provide a wide variety of car and 4×4 power steering services for all light vehicles, such as:

Complete Alignments prioritises customer satisfaction above all, which means our expert staff are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results from every booked service. This guarantees that with regular servicing, your power steering system will be maintained at optimum efficiency, performing more safely and effectively for longer.

If you begin to notice any unusual symptoms with your power steering system, such as tight steering, vehicle wandering or strange sounds during turns, contact Complete Alignments immediately to have your issue resolved quickly and professionally.


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