Truck Power Steering

Truck power steering is one of the most important, yet most overlooked aspects of truck maintenance. Your power steering system is responsible for assisting your steer tyres in turning on the road, without having to control it completely manually. The performance of your power steering also relies heavily on the correct use and placement of your tyres. Mixing size or type of tyres on the same axle can have a negative impact on your vehicles handling.

Prior to performing any of our provided services, our technicians conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection on all steering and suspension components. We thoroughly inspect all steering components to ensure they are functioning properly, which will ensure your safety and comfortability on the road. If you have noticed specific issues with your power steering system, be sure to notify us so we can perform the necessary diagnostic checks, such as a pressure and flow test, to locate and isolate the source of the issue.

As power steering specialists and approved TRW warranty repairers, the Complete Alignments team is more than capable of providing you with profession leading services to meet all your power steering requirements. Some of these services include:

At Complete Alignments, we have several expert staff, dedicated to providing you with the best possible service on all your power steering needs. Due to our partnership with CSA, we can guarantee quick and efficient standards of work, providing excellent service to each customer every time. If you begin to notice any unusual symptoms with your truck power steering system, such as tight steering, vehicle wandering or irregular noises whilst turning, contact Complete Alignments immediately to effectively resolve the issue.


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