Complete REPAIRS

Complete Alignments offers a comprehensive trailer repairs service in Adelaide. Whether you’ve noticed a distinct problem, or want to ensure an old trailer is roadworthy, we have the expert team with a keen eye for detail to pick up and solve even the smallest issue. We’re also an authorised Hendrickson repairer, and know these vehicles inside and out. Some of the things that our technicians can complete include

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Major Repairing
Service Indcludes

  • Suspension repairs and upgrades
  • Brake repairs
  • King pin replacement
  • Power steering repairs
  • Accident damaged repairs

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Ensuring your trailer suspension in Adelaide is performing as it should is a worthwhile check. Unlike a vehicle being driven, a trailer is towed, so it has far less control over the road’s surface. A trailer is more susceptible to bumps and slingshotting around corners, so adequate suspension will ensure that none of your items are damaged during the ride. Get in touch with Complete Alignments to discuss your trailer repairs in Adelaide .