Our Adelaide suspension service is integral to ensuring your car is both safe and comfortable. A well performing suspension system means that all the little bumps, cracks and uneven surfaces of the road won’t dramatically impact your passengers; the tyres will move over them and absorb the impact with ease. On the other hand, a suspension system is also responsible for maximising your tyres’ contact with the road. Your control over the vehicle is only possible when the tyres are touching the road surface. Without this contact, you wouldn’t be able to brake or turn corners effectively. By ensuring that the tyres stay in contact with the road surface at all times, you are able to have maximum control as a driver.


If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms, then it may be time to talk to Complete Alignments about arranging a suspension repair in Adelaide.

Rolling on corners
One of the most obvious and alarming signs that your car is in need of a suspension adjustment is when you get the sensation that the car could tip as you turn a corner. When cars turn corners, or travel over uneven surfaces, they make use of an anti-sway bar to maintain their centre of gravity. This added pull one way or another could also begin to have knock-on effects, like wearing your tyres unevenly. As soon as you notice this symptom, be sure to visit Complete Alignments..

Nosedive breaking
If you feel a sudden lurch when you place your foot on the brake, then it could mean that your shock absorbers are worn. This is a wake up call for many driversabout the importance of suspension, because this lurching can actually eventually increase your stopping distance by up to 20%.

Stiff handling
Oil is essential to lubricate the struts, but if it leaks out then you will start to notice some problems, like stiff handling. Run your hands up and down the strut, and if there is an oily residue then you know it’s time to visit Complete Alignments.


One way to get an indication of how your suspension is performing is to complete a simple bounce test. Push on the hood of your vehicle, and observe what happens. If the car bounces three or four times and returns to normal, then you’re in the clear. If it takes longer than four bounces, or doesn’t fully settle, then the springs or shock absorbers might need some attention. Call suspension specialists at Complete Alignments to discuss all things vehicle suspension in Adelaide.


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