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Complete Alignments is the undisputed expert when it comes to truck wheel alignment. We understand the unique conditions that these vehicles experience, and what to look out for to prevent mishaps on the road. Unlike cars, trucks are expected to travel for long periods of time, both on highways and through cities. There are also so many more moving parts to maintain, not to mention higher stakes if something were to go wrong. With thousands of kilograms of weight behind you, it doesn’t bear to think about the consequences of a poor maintenance schedule.

Truck wheel alignment is important for the safe operation of any vehicle, but even more so for trucks. Misalignment by an inch or two can have huge repercussions for your handling capability on the road. Complete Alignments offers a complete list of truck wheel alignment services, including TruckCam, a wheel alignment system based on camera technology; camber, caster and toe adjustments; shimming control arms; rear wheel alignment checks and adjustment of tracking; in vehicle and out of vehicle axle corrections; diff housing corrections, diff centralisation and drive line angles; phasing of steering components; on wheel balancing, and accidental damage repairs and crack testing.

Truck Suspension

Looking for truck suspension servicing?

Complete Alignments can take care of all of your truck suspension needs. Truck drivers are routinely required to travel between cities where roads are rarely as well maintained. Pot holes can be dangerous, and factors like wildlife, dust and gravel can all introduce further risks for drivers. Without correct suspension, something as small as a bump in the road has the potential to tip a truck over. Because trucks are typically taller than they are wide, maintaining a stable centre of gravity is absolutely essential to prevent disasters.

As part of our safety inspections and repairs servicing, we cover all aspects of truck suspension including suspension rebushing for torque rods, track rods, diff rods and control arms; spring resetting, upgrading, replacement and fitting extra leafs to spring packs; as well as shocker and air bag replacement, centre bolt repairs, height adjustments, sway bar and trunnion repairs, and suspension regreasing. We are able to provide Hendrickson walking beam repairs as well.

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